Who We Are


Johann Venter, a chemical engineer (B-Eng & M-Eng) & entrepreneur who also specialise in finite element analysis, composite materials and structural design, developed the Saltus Pole together with the industry over the last few years. The product has now been patented internationally and the Saltus name trademarked.

Johann is experienced in composite design, composite product development, product commercialization and business development.

The Saltus™ product is being used for various applications due to its low cost being able to compete with the price of timber. The Saltus™ product range is also changing the paradigms on composites. Previously composites were only seen as high value niche products. These products are now showing that composites can compete with commodities given a very specific design approach.

Johann is also working with various partners in the industry to develop more new exciting composite products to make life easier. These developments are done within Carbon Fibre Design Pty Ltd and then incubated and commercialised.

Our Team

Johann is supported by a team of highly experienced & professional people.


Currently the poles are being manufactured in the Western Cape & Gauteng in South Africa to enable delivery of poles nationally & internationally with the shortest possible lead time. Poles can be exported into Africa from Pretoria via truck. Poles can also be exported to Europe, USA, South America & Australia from Cape Town.

Sales agents

We have appointed sales agents nationally & internationally in your area and you can make contact with your closest agent to get started.

We offer support in choosing the correct product for you, designing the final structure, installation of the composite support and quality control after installation.

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