Saltus Poles
Composite Posts for Vineyards, Fencing, Table Grape & Fruit Trellis, Utility & Telecom poles

Easy and quick installation

If the soil is prepared well, then two persons can push the vineyard pole 600mm deep into the ground.  Quick installations lead to 20% savings on installation costs.  The lighter weight pole (compared to timber) also leads to smaller installation teams.

The Saltus Pole can also be hammered into the soil. It is preferred to use a metal protecting sleeve to protect the top of the pole.  But below video shows that the Saltus Pole can also be hammered into the soil without the metal protecting sleeve when the soil is prepared well.  Also note that this method of installation is much faster compared to solid timber poles.

Saltus Poles can also be installed with a machine.  The uniformity of the product makes it possible to automate the installation procedure. 

Mechanical harvesting is also possible with Saltus Poles. The fact that the composite pole is designed to flex in the wind and always return to its original straight position also allows the pole to handle the vibrations of a mechanical harvesting machine.